Physique Brides
Get your body in shape for your special day with one of our exclusive Physique Bride packages. We will get you into your best shape ever, reduce your toxins, promote healthy immune function, weight management and reduce body fat.

We conduct a detailed analysis of your lifestyle, eating habits, sleep patterns and posture. We will work with you to develop a personalised plan to suit you while you prepare for your wedding. Not only will this improve your physique but also your hair, skin and nails so you will look your best on your special day and during your honeymoon.

Special rates are available for a shared package with your groom or bridesmaids.

Please contact us for more details.

Complete Wedding Package
—  16 sessions and 8 classes to be used within an 8 week period(ideally 2 PT and 1 class a week)
Be prepared to work hard
Full consultation and eating plan

Ultimate Weding Package
—  24 sessions and 12 classes to be used within a 12 week period (ideally 2 PT and 1 class a week)
Phenomenal results
Full consultation and eating plan

Group Exercise Package
—  8 sessions and 16 classes to be used within an 8 week period (ideally 1 PT and 2 classes a week)
For those who like to exercise with others

Complete PT Wedding Package
—  24 sessions to be used within an 8 week period (ideally 3 a week)
Unbelievable results, requires dedication and commitment

—  36 sessions to be used within a 12 week period (ideally 3 a week)
Total body reshape. Our most complete package with outstanding results

Ultimate Group Package
—  12 sessions and 24 classes to be used within a 12 week period (ideally 1 PT and 2 classes a week)
For those who are willing to work hard to look their best on their big day

Please contact us for more details and prices.

Bridget Brown (42)
"In April 2011 I was ready for some hardcore training to get in shape for my wedding. I had trained for the best part of my adult life, give or take a couple of years here and there to become a mum. I decided to take personal training up with Dan and saw results sooner than I have ever seen before. My intension was to be at physique short term however physique is now my first choice where fitness and quality of classes is second to none. I can't recommend the wedding packages enough they really do work and with a healthy eating plan included, I am now in my best shape."

Danielle Oakland (26)
"I have trained at physique for 6 months now and I can honestly say I have never looked or felt better. I decided it was time to get in shape for my wedding and was having 2 personal training sessions and 1 or 2 exercise classes a week. Dan has helped me shed over 3 stone in 6 months and I can't thank him enough. The sessions are always varied so it never gets boring and he encouraged me to do things I never thought I would be able to do (I can now do a full press up's) I cannot recommend him enough as he has changed my whole attitude towards healthy eating and exercise. He has even cured me of my diet coke addiction!"

Tracy Auty (43)
"I have used personal trainers before but I reached a bit of a dip in my training. I have always struggled to stay in my best shape as I love socialising and I have to admit I love my food. My friend was also having personal training with Paul at physique and I could see the quick results she was achieving. We both were going along to legs bum's arms and tums and boxercise down at the studio but then I decided I was going to have personal training as well. The advice given to me was brilliant and I was pointed in the right direction. I have followed a healthy eating plan and exercise programmes to do at home and the results have been incredible. So far I have lost a stone but I was taught that it is not only about the weight. My whole body shape has changed and I have toned areas I didn't think I even could. I have lost 35cm off my body and the biggest loss has been from my hips. I can really tell the difference in the clothes I wear, the only down side is I need to purchase a new wardrobe. I am over the moon with the results and I am not stopping now."

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