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Matthew Ledger (38)
"I've been enjoying twice weekly PT sessions with Dan for the last 4 months and I can honestly say I've loved every session!

Dan is highly skilled, motivating, patient and dedicated in the help, experience and expertise he offers. Not only have I reached my target weight with his help, I have developed muscles I never thought I had! The PT sessions have helped tremendously with my swimming goals and my overall levels of stamina, self-confidence and strength are massively improved.

Thanks to Dan, every PT session I have is challenging, pushes me further and helps me build on what I've gained to date. Dan is always willing to share and give advice around nutrition, healthy-eating, safe exercise techniques, many different exercises and personal goals.

I would thoroughly recommend Dan without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a skilled, qualified, dedicated and expert Personal Trainer - his attention to detail in helping you reach whatever your personal goals are, are second to none.

Thanks Dan!"

Claire Turner (34)
"I have been personal training with Daniel Paterson for the last 9 months. Prior to these sessions I had not exercised consistently and was unfamiliar with a gym environment.I have always found Daniel to be committed, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about health and fitness. He has often inspired me to continue exercising beyond the point at which I would previously have given up.

Daniel has never missed or cancelled a session and always does his best to accommodate my limited availability. On a personal level, Daniel is friendly and approachable and I would have no hesitation recommending him to others."

Linda Joyce (45)
"After the intial enthusiasm of starting to exercise slackened off. I decided I needed some motivation and got some personal training sessions with Paul. He suggested I tried some classes. Since May I have lost nearly four stone. I am addicted to spinning, box and LBT. I still have regular sessions with Paul and still have a way to go with my weight but with the help of the excellent trainers I will get there."

Kay Potts (41)
"I had been trying for three years to establish an exercise routine in the evenings. Working four days a week and a mum to two demanding kids made this an impossible task. In July I decided that personal training with Dan may be the answer and it was! Choosing a time in the week when I'm at my 'weakest' has helped tremendously. It gave me the discipline and the incentive. Four months later, I've finally broken the 'cycle' and 10kg lighter."

Liz Kell (30)
"I initially booked some personal training sessions to give me a kick start. I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere even with regular sessions in the gym.

My original aim was to lose some weight and tone up. However, since I have been training with Paul I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. My weight has dropped by 10kg and my body fat by 10%, and I'm fitter and healthier than I have ever been. Unfortunately I've also had to buy a whole new wardrobe as none of my old clothes fit me anymore!.

Paul has kept me motivated and on track. Even when I've felt like giving up. I know that if I hadn't booked that first session, I would still be plodding along wondering why I hadn't achieved anything. Thanks Paul"

Jaswinder Singh (35)
"I felt that I needed to lose a few pounds so I spoke to Dan and asked for his advice. I told him I wanted to lose a stone and asked how long he thought it would take to do this. I decided to take up personal training sessions with him and he set me a goal of two months to lose a stone. Through hard work, seeing him once a week and visiting the gym in between PT sessions I managed to lose 11kg in that time. It is now time to continue the good work and now that I have lost most of the weight aim for more body toning and muscle building."

Jo Crabtree (28)
"I started training with a personal trainer to ensure I pushed myself to the limit when at the gym. Dan has made sure that I work at my hardest at all times during our sessions and keeps me motivated. Attending the sessions means that I can do lots of exercises with weights that I cannot do on my own as I need help and support. Dan always makes sure that the sessions are varied & works out a plan to make sure all areas on my hit list are targeted. I always feel that I have worked very hard & have enjoyed the hour. Dan is reliable, professional & knows what he is doing."

Dev Dulai (33)
"I started training with Dan, because I wanted to lose fat and gain muscle. I had tried many times to lose fat by following recommendations and following tips on the net, but I just give up after a couple of weeks as I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Dan has motivated me throughout, and with regular sessions and weigh-ins, I was able to keep motivation levels high throughout! I did not know how easy it was going to be, but after losing 1 kilo in the first 10 days, I knew it could be possible. Having trained with Dan, I have lost more than 5 kilos and feeling a lot fitter and have almost reached my goal of 10% body fat which has come down from 20% in a matter of months. I had great fun training with Dan, with varied sessions every week, and there was always something new, or a different challenge. Overall I had a great time, with great results......Thanks Dan!"

Emma Baraclough (32)
"I initially booked in with Paul with the aim to lose weight. At first losing weight was very difficult due to my lifestyle and diet, after going through this with Paul I realised that just going to the gym on a very regular basis was not enough. My weight wasn't dropping and I needed to revaluate my approach.

Paul changed my diet and changed my workout that I did outside of the Personal Training sessions, then the weight and inches started to drop off! Its only when we went through everything in detail that I could see why I was not loosing the weight.

I have been training with Paul for over six months now, after initially only planning on signing up for a 10 block session pack to get myself kick started with loosing some weight.

After just 10 sessions, I had seen such significant change in my cardiovascular fitness and body shape and realised how focused, effective and motivating one on one personal training is. I went and booked another 10 sessions!

Paul designed a workout program to help me achieve my goals and a one hour session with Paul is three times more effective than a gym session! When I was left to my own devices in the gym, where if I'm honest with myself, I spent a lot of time waiting for machines and working out at an intensity of 4/5 out 10, however each session with Paul, I work at intensity is 8/9 out of 10 - and I have the results to prove it. I have his undivided attention and he makes the sessions enjoyable by introducing new exercises so they do not become monotonous and provides advice on diet and nutrition so you can maximize your work out sessions.

Personal training with Paul has changed my lifestyle - I now have much more energy, I feel stronger both emotionally and physically and have lost a combined 35 cms from my hips, arms and tummy, I also have a much more toned body shape. Fitness is now an important and enjoyable part of my life, rather than a chore and I actually look forward to going to the gym now! Thank You Paul."

Jen Thomas (23)
"In January 2010 I realised that I needed to loose some weight, so I decided to watch what I ate. This however was not enough so I decided to get some personal training with Paul. I am so happy and i cannot thank Paul enough. I was always so conscious of my arms but since Paul has personal trained me my arms and the rest of my body has never been in better shape! I actually have some tiny biceps!! I am happy now to wear sleeveless tops and I feel so confident. Paul always remained so professional and listened to my needs. He worked on my problem areas and I am now back in my size 12 clothes. I would recommend Paul to anyone no matter what you want to achieve because I know for a fact he would get you there.

Thanks so much Paul, you are a star!"