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We have a vast amount of experience in personal training and have worked throughout Yorkshire helping people achieve their lifestyle goals. Currently we work with around 40 clients. These clients require our expert help in achieving their goals ranging from; health issues, changing their body shape, nutritional programmes, building muscle and sports specific. Through the years we have used our knowledge to help people achieve fantastic results as shown in our testimonials.

Personal Training requires as much dedication from you as it does from us. We will provide you with information and advice on exercise, diet, and nutrition and it is down to you to show the decication and commitment in following that advice. We know that combining our knowledge with your commitment we can achieve fantastic life changing results.

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We do not believe in 'fad diets' we believe in changing your lifestyle and most imortantly your health for the better. A combination of the correct exercise and a good balanced healthy diet will produce amazing results. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our fantastic introductory offer and kick start your NEW LIFE.

Buddy Sessions
Bring a friend along and achieve your goals together.

For Her
Weight Loss
Tone up
Increased fitness
Feel good
Pre-wedding workouts
Post pregnancy programmes
Increase confidence

For Him
Weight loss
Fat reduction
Core strengthening
Muscular development
Improved fitness
Improved health
Challenge yourself
Nutritional advice
Increase confidence


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