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Janet Holliday

Janet attended Dan’s LBT class and after came to speak about having some PT sessions. She explained that she had hit a rut in her training and wasn’t able to shift any weight or make any progress with her training, and even believed that she had gained weight in the last few months. A few months later she decided she was going to have 2 sessions a week and started at Physique in September. After fully committing herself to a new and improved diet, having 2 sessions a week and attending 2 classes a week she saw some awesome results within 8 weeks. In this time Janet lost half a stone, 3% body fat, and 21.5 cm from her body, with a huge 8cm of that coming off her waist, as she explained her problem area. Top work Janet yet another example of what can be achieved when you dedicate the time and effort into both the training and eating.

Keep up the good work you are a pleasure to train.


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Claire Lawless

Claire is a member at Physique who comes for classes alone. She has been attending classes for as long as we can remember and is one of the original crew who we poached from Xercise 4 less. Along with Physique she attends our classes at the gym including spin, abs and then does LBAT, Body Blitz and kettlebells at the studio. Over this time we have watched Claire progress with body tone, fitness and form. She was very close to winning this award last month and has had another brilliant month in September regularly coming to the classes and not only taking part but making them look easy now as her technique is so good.

Claire we are well proud of you (tear to the eye ha!) keep up the good work and thanks for your continued support of Physique!


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Ryan Downes

Ryan started PT at physique with Dan in July, he has achieved some really good results in a short period of time due to completely changing his diet from takeaways to proper food haha! He has dropped 9lbs, decreased his fat % and lost 16cm in the right areas whilst developing muscle on chest and arms (not easy). He has earned member of the month despite been a scum fan and constantly wearing his Man Utd shorts to training. He always trains to his maximum and is really seeing the benefits.

Well done buddy!


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Helen Batty

Physiques July member of the month is the shy but impressive Helen Batty. Helen has been with us now since May and has achieved some fantastic results. Helen first started Personal Training with Paul every 2 weeks and starting to get into classes with a really good healthy eating plan. She went in giving everything from the start which showed straight away in the improvements in the classes and in her body. Helen has hit every goal she set with great determination and effort has lossed up to date 8kg (18lbs) and 6% in body fat ☺, with an inch loss of 22 inch……AWESOME. Not only has that she become stronger and fitter holding her own in every class.

Helen, keep up your hard work you're a pleasure to work with.


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Jack Dickinson

Physiques June member of the month go's to Jack 'the stone' Dickinson. I call him that because his first 3 weigh in's he knocked off a stone in weight every time. Jack came to me in January needing some help to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Since then Jack has absolutely smashed it, he has been a weight loss machine knocking off a massive 3 and half stone and over 30- inches of fat off his body. Jack as not only worked hard every session with me he uses fun ways to exercise without even using the gym. He cycles to work, plays 5 a side twice a week, badminton and sees me once a week proving that weight loss doesn't have to happen just in the gym. Jack has really smashed the nutrition side of this and sees his treat at the end of the 6 weeks weigh in which he thoroughly deserves. Jack has turned his life around…. He was on the brink of diabetes and was not going to live a long life. The new Jack is in town and he says he will NEVER go back. He is a pleasure to see every week and gives all he's got every week. Well done jack keep it up mate…

Im proud of you pal!


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Jenny Heaton

Jen has been training at Physique for a while now and remains up there with some of our longest serving members. She attends Box, LBAT and Body Blitz regularly and is a familiar face with all members. Jen always gives everything in the classes and packs a cracking left and right hook in Box. It is since she has started personal training with Paul, taking care of everything outside of Physique that she has excelled. Jen has lost 3.5kg (over 7 pounds), dropped 3.1% body fat and decreased her measurements by 18cm all over her body. Jen is on a mission at the minute arriving early before LBAT and Box some weeks to go on a run as she has a goal of completing another half marathon. That's dedication that we like to see, that's why she earned member of the month for April.

Well Done Jen!


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Rachel Wdowczyk

Rachel has been attending the classes for several months now and in this time we have witnessed her get better and better every month. After been close to winning it in February Rachel has had another brilliant month attending 3 classes a week and putting 100% into every class. Following in the footsteps of her good friend Clare (January member of the month) we have noticed huge gains in her fitness, form and endurance. Things that she used to struggle with now appear easy and her technique in box is spot on as she listens to the technical points and transfers them into her own combinations.

Rach is always up for a laugh even if it is 5 year old humour sometimes and has brought more friends down which we are grateful for and creates a good atmosphere in the classes!

Top member! Well done Rach!


February Image


Richard Clapham

Richard has been training with Dan for 18 months. He has always trained throughout his life mainly focusing on his running. Like most people after a certain age (cough cough) they notice that you have to be a little bit more discliplined with what you eat as it is not as easy to stay in shape. Richard came to Dan to try new things and be pushed harder than when training alone. His main aim was to improve his fitness which he has worked so hard on over the years. Richard was having one session a week until the end of November where he then switched to two. Since then he has massively improved his overall fitness and muscle definition and more recently since the New Year he has smashed it on both the training and nutrition side. He has made huge changes to his diet and realised that it is a healthy eating and a lifestyle change instead of a fad diet for a month or so. By regularly logging his nutrition on my fitness pal he has kept a close eye on his calorie intake and proudly brought it to me every week. Since starting this Richard has dropped 7.6kg in weight and reduced his overall body measurements by 19.5cm. His BMI has reduced from 30.1 to 27.3 and he has shaved a huge 35 seconds off his 1000m rower challenge even if he does dread it every time. Whilst doing this he feels so much healthier and has amazingly reduced his blood pressure from 168/96 to 142/74, this is not an easy thing to do but proves that a good training regime and a healthy diet improves the functioning of the heart.

Richard gives 100% every session, he never complains and always wants to be pushed to his max during the hour. I am over the moon with his results as he should be and I hope he continues with the progressive steps he has made. He is an absolute pleasure to train & i'm massively proud of the steps he has taken especially in the last 2 months.

Well done mate!


January Image


Clare Morril

Physiques January member of the month award went to Clare Morril this month. Recently Clare has stood out for us in her efforts. Clare came to me wanting to turn her life around telling me "this was not her", boy was she right. Clare for some reason never believed in herself and that has been the hardest part for me as a trainer in this journey so far. With a lot of hard work and commitment and some massive self-convincing Clare as smashed it… reaching goals set by us dropping a massive 9.5lbs and an even bigger 13.5inch loss of fat off her body. As well as this there has been a dramatic improvement in her fitness and strength training, her energy and intensity in both training sessions and classes has stood out this month. Clare needs a big pat on the back for the effort she put into her eating and she now eats breakfast every day ☺. She has a big heart which I have pushed to the limit… knowing her capabilities she never knew she had. All I have to say is it's a great pleasure training you Clare and keep believing in yourself as I do, you're a class act.

Well done I am proud of you… keep up the good work.